Oil Fired Bitumen Boiler

“ADYA” Oil Fired Tar Boiler having material Pan made from 3.15 mm. M. S. Plate. The space between the Inner & Outer Pan is packed with 40 mm. Good quality Glass Wool with strong angle iron for barrel resting arrangement on the top of the boiler. The fuel pipes are provided from heavy duty M. S. Pipes of 150mm. Dia. And arranged accordingly to the inside of the boiler so that a small quantity of the Bitumen can easily melt and end of the fuel pipe come up to the boiler. Base Frame fabricated from M. S. Channel 100 x 50mm. Mounted on 4 Nos. pneumatic wheels for easy mobility with mechanical Type Jacks, which are provided at the rear and front for balancing purpose when in Operation. An Oil Tank suitable for Kerosene / L. D. O. Complete with outlet and inter valves, connection pipes is provided.

A powerful suitable Oil Burner is provided for heating. A Thermometer also incorporated with the machine for required temperature. The machine rub by suitable engine, blowers , bunner etc.

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